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What’s the difference between counseling and therapy?

Therapy typically takes place over a longer period of time and tends to focus on more complex issues, while counseling usually takes place on a short-term basis and tends to address a more focused issue. While I’m a therapist by training, I work with couples in a counseling capacity.

How long will we be in counseling? And how often will we meet?

It’s different for every couple, but the model I use most is meant to be brief. That means you can expect to see me for 3-10 sessions over the course of a couples months to a year. My goal is to get you quickly moving in the right direction — on a path that seems doable for both partners.

Unlike most couples counseling, we don’t set out to meet on a weekly basis. After each session, you and your partner will decide if you want to meet again, and if you do, I will be flexible enough to see you within a week’s time. I do this because – after sessions – couples will see shifts and might take time to adjust and try new things before returning for another session.

Where and how do we meet?

I meet with couples exclusively via Telehealth, so you can meet with me anywhere. And you and your partner do not necessarily have to be in the same place (though I always recommend it to start).

You published a Christian book, but are you open to couples with non-traditional views of marriage?

Absolutely! In a former job, I created a children’s religious program that emphasized loving your neighbor. Everyone loved it so much that they asked me to write a book about it. And I said yes! I support all couples having a relationship that works best for them, whatever that looks like.